I'm going to QtCon and Akademy 2016

Bhushan Shah - Sun, 2016-08-28 12:21

Weee akademy

QtCon starts on this Sept 1st and I will be traveling to Berlin on this Tuesday. This is second Akademy I am attending after Akademy 2014 in Czech Republic. During QtCon I am giving presentation titled Plasma Mobile: what we achieved in year in room A04 on 2nd September. And also I am going to moderate a Student Presentations where students taking part in various mentoring programs in KDE, like GSoC, GCI, SoK, or OPW.

Also I am taking part in various BoFs starting from Sept 5, like Plasma BoF, KDE SoC, and KDE Neon BoF.

Looking forward to productive QtCon! See you in Berlin! :-)

New Driver Manager for Kubuntu

Rohan Garg - Sun, 2014-02-09 23:49

Hola Kubuntu users

Ubuntu ‘recently’ deprecated jockey and moved to ubuntu-drivers-common. ubuntu-drivers-common is a python backend which will try to figure out which drivers are best suited to your system. Up till Kubuntu 13.10 we were still relying on the backend called Jockey which is python2 , however for the 14.04 cycle, one of our major tasks was to rehaul the driver manager interface and use the fancy new ubuntu-drivers-common backend which is python3 based.

By leveraging this new backend, we are now at feature parity with Ubuntu when it comes to driver handling. Packages are now available to trusty users and can be acquired by installing the ‘kubuntu-driver-manager’ package.

Once installed you’ll find it in your System Settings Menu under “Driver Manager for Kubuntu”


If you find any bugs , please report them here

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Calligra Sprint 2013 – Day 1 Bangalore

Sujith H - Fri, 2013-03-08 23:26

Calligra sprint 2013 started today. The venue was Thoughtworks office Bangalore. I reached Thoughtworks around 10.45 AM. Shantanu had already booked a room at Thoughtworks for the sprint. There were 5 new faces for me in sprint. 4 were from DA-IICT College and Mani. We talked to each other for a while. Shantanu showed demo of calligra active. Fixed couple of bugs in active( more detail about them will follow in the next blog post). There was a major issue in sheets(when calligra active loads sheets) which we couldn’t resolve. Around 7.30 PM(IST),  team in Europe arrived at Linux hotel. The first session was Krita BoF. And we did with help of google hangout. It was nice to see most of them. By 9 PM we had to move out of Thoughtworks. That was the time limit given to us. I had uploaded snaps of today here.

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Simulate Eddington’s Experiment!

Akarsh Simha - Sat, 2009-07-18 07:27

KStars now gives you an option to correct for General Relativistic effects near the sun!

According to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, light rays bend around the sun because of the sun’s gravity, and this correction is predicted to be about 0.0005 of a degree for light rays that just graze the sun’s surface. During the Solar Eclipse of 29th May 1919, Arthur Eddington verified this theory experimentally.

KStars now lets you simulate this experiment, which essentially measured the apparent positions of stars near the edge of the sun and showed that General Relativity accounted for the difference in the observed and expected positions of the stars.

Fire up KStars, hit ‘0’ to center the sun, and zoom in quite a bit to see the stars at the edge of the sun. Now hit ‘r’ to toggle the relativistic corrections!

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