conf.kde.in 2017 FAQ



What is KDE?
The KDE® Community is an international technology team dedicated towards creating a free and user-friendly computing experience. It is one of the largest open source communities in the world and has a myriad of applications and projects associated with it. For more details, see http://www.kde.org/community/whatiskde/

What is Qt?
Qt (pronounced “cute”) is a cross-platform application and UI framework. Using Qt, you can write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. For more details, see http://qt.io/

What is conf.kde.in?
conf.kde.in is a platform for Qt and KDE contributors and enthusiasts to meet up, share their knowledge, contribute, learn, play, and most importantly have fun. It is the perfect arena for collaboration and exchange of ideas, skills, thoughts among like minded people who are passionate about open source. It aims at furthering the goals and visions of the KDE community and open source among many more Indians and to motivate them to contribute to this noble deed. Through this event KDE - India aims at educating more students about open source software contribution and also strives to teach them necessary skills which shall help not only in facilitating their contribution to open source but shall also prove to be a useful asset to their knowledge and skills. The event is also a place for existing as well as budding and novice KDE members to meet, collaborate and work on new ideas as well as projects and help in creating something which can be used by billions around the world. It is a platform to promote open source among students, among more Indians and also to get them to know about various programs such as GSoC, Season of KDE, Google Code-In which promote the participation of youth in open source and to provide them with the necessary skills.

Who should attend conf.kde.in?
Students, professionals, teachers, programmers, developers, designers and anybody interested in Qt and KDE and more generally open-source hacking or interested in learning about all of this should not miss the event.

I am a student. Should I attend conf.kde.in?
Yes, you should definitely attend. In fact, we are making sure this event is very student and newbie friendly. We will have enough talks / workshops / tutorials to get you started with Qt and KDE.

I am a programmer. Should I attend conf.kde.in?
Yes, of course. We will have ample amount of intermediate and advanced talks and workshops. Plus there will be experienced Qt developers and KDE contributors with whom you can share your experiences while learning from them.

I am not a programmer. Should I attend conf.kde.in?
Yes, of course. conf.kde.in is going to be a holistic event. FOSS is equally about documentation, artwork and reaching a wider audience via localisation. We plan to have talks and workshops which deal with non-coding topics like localisation, design, artwork, documentation, community and more.

I am a teacher. Should I attend conf.kde.in?
Yes. We believe that teachers are one of the most important attendees we can have for this event. Teachers are the one who spread the knowledge to countless students. Some of our volunteers have been organising Qt / KDE talks and workshops at various colleges and universities in India so they know the importance of teachers at this event. We will be very happy to have you here. In fact, we will extend a special teacher’s concession on registration fees to all teachers and professors subject to your college ID card.

I work with Qt framework but I don’t use or work with KDE. Should I attend conf.kde.in?
Yes, very much. Qt is one of the foundation of KDE code. We intend to have pure Qt sessions as well.

I don’t live in Guwahati. Can I attend conf.kde.in?
Definitely. But you will have to arrange your own travel and accommodation. Check below for some pointers if you need help with accommodation.

How can I help?
Attend the event and make it successful. Promote conf.kde.in. Volunteer at conf.kde.in. Find sponsors for conf.kde.in.

How can I promote this event?
Blog about conf.kde.in. Tweet about conf.kde.in. Tell your friends, classmates, college-mates and colleagues about conf.kde.in.


Do I need to carry any particular documents?
Yes, please bring a copy of email that you receive when you registered. If you are a student and you want to avail the student concession then you should bring your college ID card.

I forgot to bring the copy of the registration confirmation email. What should I do?
That’s fine. Just quote your unique confirmation code at the registration desk. We’ll get you in! You will find the code in your confirmation email.

I am a student. But I have forgotten to bring my college ID. Can I still get the student concession?
No. Please remember to bring your college ID card.

I am a student. Can I get a letter for my college authorities mentioning about this event and its importance so that I can get permissions to attend this event?
Letter of invitation will be sent out to most nearby colleges from us, if your college haven't received letter let us know and we will send one to your college too.

I am a student. Will I get a “Certificate of Attendance”?
Since there is a demand from the student community for such a certificate we surely will give a “Certificate of Attendance” or “Certificate of Participation” to all student participants. Oh and this certificate will be custom made for this conf.kde.in 2017.

Can I get my “Certificate of Attendance” after day 1 or day 2 of the event?
No. You can collect it on the day 3 of the event. We hope you will understand that this to make it easier to manage our limited resources.

Do I need a laptop?
No. But we recommend that you get one if possible. It will help you to try out the various technologies showcased at the event. We recommend you have KDE already running on it.

Will there be Internet at the venue?
Yes. We will make sure that there is broadband connectivity available via WiFi. We might be able to arrange some wired connections as well. Please bring Ethernet cables if you have any.

Will there be some accommodation arrangement for delegates?
No. But we will be providing some pointers to that shortly.

Will there be food and drinks available at the venue?
Yes. There will lunch available daily for all delegates who have paid the registration fees. You will get coupons, please redeem then at the lunch counter.

I have lost my food coupons. Will I still get my lunch?
Hopefully. Please contact the registration counter, show your conference badge, someone will surely help you out. But please take care of your coupons.

Can I join a day later?
Yes, sure. But the registration fees would remain the same no matter when you come to the conference or how many days you actually attend.

I have made some awesome FOSS Qt/KDE applications. Can I demo it at the event?
Sure if your application falls under Free and Open Source Software. We would love to see what magic you have done with Qt and KDE. If things work out we will try to have “Lightning Talks” arranged so that you can demo your awesome work to a larger audience in one of the auditorium.

I have made some proprietary Qt/KDE applications. Can I demo it at the event?
No! As that would be unfair to our valuable sponsors and would lead to ambush marketing. Please consider sponsoring the event.


My company would like to sponsor. How should I proceed?
We will be announcing Call for Sponsors soon. Please stay tuned using our twitter or facebook page.

I am a sponsor. Will I get free entry passes?
Yes. We will allot you a few free entry passes.


My question is not listed above? Where can I ask?
Sure you can, we have a conf@kde.in address specially set up for such purpose.