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Fri 21 11:00 AM Registration
(Ends at 2 PM)
Fri 21 02:00 PM Inauguration
(Yash Shah)
Fri 21 02:30 PM Introduction
(Pradeepto Bhattacharya)
Fri 21 03:00 PM Qt Workshop
(Introduction to Qt and Hands-On)
Sat 22 09:30 AM KDE unlike a coconut
(Smit Shah)
Sat 22 10:15 AM Cute (Qt) C++ idioms
(Nikhil Marathe)
Sat 22 11:00 AM How I got involved in KDE and How to attack a problem
(Sujith H)
Sat 22 11:45 AM Mer project - powering Jolla Sailfish and Plasma Active
(Siteshwar Vashisht and Shantanu Tushar)
Sat 22 12:30 PM Lunch
(1 hour)
Sat 22 01:30 PM Baloo - Metadata and Search
(Vishesh Handa)
Sat 22 02:15 PM Language learning with KDE
(Samikshan Bairagya)
Sat 22 03:00 PM One app to rule all your media
(Sinny Kumari)
Sat 22 03:45 PM KDE Localization Team Management Tool
(Chandan Kumar)
Sat 22 04:30 PM Break
(15 minutes)
Sat 22 04:45 PM Opportunities in KDE Multimedia
(Shubham Chaudhary)
Sat 22 05:30 PM Agile to the Rescue -- Is Free Software in need of Agile, Lean and Craftsmanship?
(Kévin Ottens)
Sun 23 09:30 AM Where KDE is and where it is going
(Jos Poortvliet)
Sun 23 10:15 AM C++11: A Language Renaissance
(Kévin Ottens)
Sun 23 11:00 AM GCF - Generic Component Framework
(Prashanth Udupa)
Sun 23 11:45 AM Writing Reusable QML Components
(Avnee Nathani)
Sun 23 12:30 PM Lunch
(1 hour)
Sun 23 01:30 PM Effective Open-Source Speech Recognition in Your Application
(Peter Grasch)
Sun 23 02:15 PM Plasma Workspace 2: introduction
(Bhushan Shah)
Sun 23 03:00 PM Photo editing the KDE way!
(Sayantan Datta)
Sun 23 03:45 PM Hacking on KStars: Progress and challenges
(Rishab Arora)
Sun 23 04:30 PM Break
(15 minutes)
Sun 23 04:45 PM Khipu: Replacement for KmPlot
(Punit Mehta)