How I got involved in KDE and How to attack a problem

I would like to share how and who all inspired/motivated me to contribute to KDE. I would like to mention how I took up a small task and went further. There would also be a 2-3 bug squashing session or a feature addition section on Plasma-mediacenter. Which would help students to know how a problem can be tracked down and would help them to get off the fear from real world problems.

Talk Prerequisites: 

A laptop with plasma-mediacenter installed from git. Instructions at http://sinny.in/node/25 and http://sujithh.info/2013/12/plasma-media-center-on-opensuse-13-1

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Sujith H
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Speaker Bio: 

During my free time I contribute to KDE. I am involved with KDE community from 2009. Started contributing with kletters. Contributed to Plasma, Calligra active and Plasma-mediacenter