KDE unlike a coconut

Attending conf.kde.in 2011 was one of the significant event of my life, in short it made me a better programmer (detail version, http://who828.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/memories-of-conf-kde-in/).    After attending the conference, I went on to contribute to Nepomuk and projects.kde.org (Rails) but this talk is not just about that. It would focus on how my experience being part of the KDE community helped me once I started moved away to other things.    Today while I no longer contribute to KDE, the lessons I learnt still help me with my job. Here are the lessons I would like to cover,    1) The community (any significant project, requires an entire community instead of just one man to make it a big success)    2) Challenges in open source (some of the open source projects deal with very tough problems of Computer Science)    3) Significance of code you write (Much more valuable than the college programs you write)    4) Mentorship (You get to rub elbows with very smart people)    5) Reading the source code (the most helpful thing I ever learned)

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Smit Shah
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Smit works as developer at Flipkart. He used to be a stereotypical disinterested college programmer until he became a part of the KDE community and things changed for him. He now contributes to the NEPOMUK project, projects.kde.org and was also a part of the Google Summer of Code program in 2011. Now he contributes to Bundler, spin and other ruby projects.