Language learning with KDE

The KDE Educational suite has a wealth of applications that are pretty useful for someone looking to learn new languages. In my talk I shall be giving an introduction to some of these applications and discuss their differences and variety of uses. The applications that I shall be covering are specifically Parley, KWordQuiz and Artikulate.My talk would contain a short demo for these three applications, while encouraging the attendees to install and try out these applications themselves. Attendees would be encouraged to provide feedback and discuss ideas regarding what possible improvements they would like to have in these projects. Hopefully through this process interested contributors could be found for these projects.

Talk Prerequisites: 

Preferably a system running some GNU/Linux distribution with KDE.

Talk Difficulty Level: 
Speaker Name: 
Samikshan Bairagya
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Speaker Bio: 

Samikshan has been contributing to KDE for the last three years. He is involved with two projects, namely KStars and Artikulate. He enjoys being a part of the KDE community as an user, developer and as a mentor to those who want to contribute and be a part of this awesome community.

Talk Slides: