Photo editing the KDE way!

Photo Editing is a difficult task for beginners using GIMP or commercial softwares, it takes up too much time, makes work slow and boring and sometimes making life in post processing harder than it should be.    The talk is about how features like Auto Noise Reduction, Panoroma Crop and Local Area Adjustments were done in Digikam.    A much technical talk about how small codes made as Qt Projects can be incorporated to digikam, allowing first time developers with no prior experience in the KDE environment to code for digikam, and add all the more features.    A part of image processing also used in the projects and how DImg (data structure to store images in digikam) works storing all the image data and meta data along with it, and how developers can start  helping out in Kipi and Digikam.

Talk Prerequisites: 

High School mathematics, C++, shooting with a point and shoot camera.

Talk Difficulty Level: 
Speaker Name: 
Sayantan Datta
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Speaker Bio: 

Sayantan is a undergraduate interested in free software, image processing. He loves KDE and contributes features and help solve bugs in Digikam. He has been into KDE since summer 2012. He is also developing on hardware electronics and making a quadcopter with onboard image processing and loves chocolate. He is available as kenzo450D on freenode #kde, #kde-devel, #kde-in and #nitdgplug.