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Plasma Workspace 2: introduction

Plasma Workspace 2 is new version of KDE Workspace based on KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt5. This talk aims to introduce students about Plasma Workspace 2 development, porting progress, current state and feature of Plasma. Guide to setup development environment and building Plasma 2 plasmoids will be shown so that students can start to explore and hack on it.

Talk Prerequisites: 

Attendees are advised to carry a laptop with a Linux distribution with KDE workspace on it.

Talk Difficulty Level: 
Speaker Name: 
Bhushan Shah
Speaker Website:
Speaker Bio: 

Bhushan is contributor to KDE. He started to contribute in KDE during Season of KDE 2013 programme. In SoK under mentorship of Sebastian K├╝gler he ported dataengines, plasmoids and other parts of Plasma workspace to KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2.