Writing Reusable QML Components

QML is a declarative language used to design and develop the application user interface. While developing UI one needs to maintain design consistency and code redundancy. Writing reusable components is one such way to do this. The practice to develop reusable components make efficient developers who write less buggy code. It saves coding time and efforts. Reusable components such as buttons and lists provide the end user with a consistent look and performance. In this presentation, I would be discussing some of the basic techniques to implement such custom QML components. Also, the presentation would cover how to use these custom components in your projects with example from KDE Game - KDiamond.

Talk Prerequisites: 

Basic knowledge of Qt/QML.

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Avnee Nathani
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Avnee Nathani is a post-grad student of Computer Applications. She has been awarded Nokia Developer Champion (2012-13) and Qt Ambassador (2011). Her basic research domains are Text Input and Location-based Solutions. She has participated in Google Summer of Code - 2012 under KDE-games. She contributes on Nokia Developer Wiki and her blog: www.avnee.wordpress.com.