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KDE Meetup 2013

KDE Meetup organised in DA-IICT on 23rd-24th of February, 2013 was the largest KDE event in India after in 2011 and the first such event to be held in Gujarat.There was a participation of more than sum of 400 students from Delhi, Durgapur, Nainital, Mumbai and also from distant parts of Gujarat. The event saw talks by prominent KDE members and the students were introduced to the KDE community, Qt, git, KDE EduSuite, Plasma workspaces and Nepomuk.


There were hands on sessions as well wherein the students were taught how to execute all that they had learnt in the talk and how to build and modify the code used in the KDE applications and also to apply their own changes to them. They were also encouraged to participate in Season of KDE and Google Summer of Code. At the end of the event there was a newfound inspiration within the students, the desire to contribute, to be a part of the largest open source community in the world. 2011 2011 was the first KDE/Qt conference in India. The 5 day event was held in March 2011 at the R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore. The event showcased Qt & KDE technologies and introduced participants to contributing to open source projects.





The first three days had talks, tutorials and interactive sessions. Prominent members of the community introduced participants to various aspects of development. It had around 300 participants and was a huge phenomenon in terms of the people that it introduced to open source and to KDE. 2014 plans to extend this success further and to spread the vision among many more.








Photo credits - Kushal Das and Sinny Kumari